Enduring the overwhelming 2-Week Wait

My 2WW is not actually 2 weeks. I guess because I’ve implanted a five day old embryo, there’s only 9 days left of the two weeks. However, my nurse has scheduled June 11th for me.

There are so many posts and videos on the internet talking about symptoms they’ve felt. On one side, all the medical professionals are constantly telling people not to think and stress about it, on the other side, mom’s are just scouring for all the signs that may hint at a successful implantation.

I, of course, couldn’t escape the norm and spend the following days watching every video on YouTube that is related to embryo transfer and this is my logs of my wandering thoughts leading up to my check-in day.

Day 1 (one day post transfer)

Apart from being constipated, I don’t feel any different. In fact, I felt less hormonal.

Before my transfer, my breasts were swollen and tender, waves of nausea hit me unexpectedly throughout the day, I was constantly exhausted and I could sleep for days.

But after my transfer, I felt lighter. When I got up this morning, I woke up at energized at 7 am with my boobs back to normal. Throughout the day I felt nothing, apart from the faintest of cramps I swear were down to my imagination.

There was a small incident and I apologize in advance if this story is going to gross you out. I was in the bathroom constipated and tried to “push” if you know what mean, when I felt a sharp strain in my lower pelvic area. I immediately texted my nurse, right there on my toilet seat.

She told to first chill the f* out, it’s only the second day but also told me to stay away from doing things that will put pressure in my abdominal area and use an enema!

So, I returned to binge watching Friends and being torn between whether or not I should try an enema…

Happy Children’s Day by the way.

Day 2

Before bed yesterday I watched a video of a YouTuber sharing her IVF 2WW pregnancy symptoms and the one that she firmly believed was the most confirmatory was her having erotic dreams. This made me laugh but of course, it could be true. But seriously, having erotic dreams was probably due to fact that you had to swear off all “actions” with your hubby since starting the cycle and no big “o” allowed after the transfer.

Anyway, returning to my own symptoms, I definitely felt something was going on down there since last night. I would say cramps but they were totally different from the period cramps. They were more like very short, sharp, pulses of mild pain… little jabs… in the pelvis.

My left breast was somewhat swollen and tender when I woke up this morning. I feel bloated and still constipated. Also found that I’ve lost around around 3lbs since I started the cycle.

That’s all I have so far.

Day 3

Today was pretty uneventful. Still bloated and constipated. Haven’t had much of an appetite either. Lots of people say that they feel ravenous hunger, but I’m feeling the total opposite.

Day 4

First I have had the vivid and somewhat erotic dreams that people have described 2 nights in a row now. Could have been because I thinking about people talking about them and unconsciously programmed my mind to have these dreams.

I went to the office today. The morning was okay but after lunch I felt like I was about the have a fever. All my muscles were aching, I felt burning and my nose was blocking up. I ran home at 3pm and checked my temperature. It was only 36.8 degrees. I went to bed at 6pm and slept through the night.

Day 5

I woke up today feeling much better but completely freaked out about yesterday’s situation. I texted my nurse about it but she just told me to rest and take it easy.

It bothered me so much I dug up my supply of Clearblues and tested. The faintest of a line appeared and I has psyched! Totally throw my thoughts on what happened yesterday behind me! I have never ever had a pregnancy test that was anything but a big blank negative. But I will keep this to myself first, it’s still very early on and could be a false positive.

Imaginary line at Day 5 post embryo transfer

Day 6

Woke up at 5 am. I’m starting to lose the fatigue I left previously and now have returned having trouble falling asleep as well. I took another pregnancy test this morning. It was still very faint but to my delight slightly stronger than yesterday.

After what happened at work on day 4, I chose to stay at home for the next couple of days. Helped a friend edit a video to make time pass faster. Also watched a bunch on YouTube videos on early pregnancy testing and tried to compare my line “intensity” with others. Should stop.

6 Days Post Embryo Transfer

Day 7

Another day of mild panic. Woke up again at 5 am. Tested and the result was pretty much the same as yesterday, might even by lighter … which was upsetting since:

  1. I saw lots of tests with a strong line by Day 7
  2. Since a viable pregnancy requires HCG levels to double every 2 days, I should’ve gotten a deeper line than yesterday

So I made an appointment straightaway and saw my GP to get my blood tested. At 4pm, she called me with my results. She told me I was probably pregnant and my HCG levels were 38.7! But it is still early, come back in two weeks.

Somehow I felt much calmer after I’ve learned this.

Day 8

Dull cramping and a slight pinching feeling always on the same spot – center left of my pelvis. I do notice that I’m always nauseous before lunch. It is little difficult to decide if I was feeling hungry or sick. I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve had pineapple during these few days but it is a little late now.

8 Days Post Embryo Transfer

Day 9

The line is definitely clearer! I don’t feel any different. The weather is getting hot in Beijing and I need to turn on the air-con now.

Day 10

Just one more day to go, I just want to go to sleep and make up to day 11. Getting a dry throat during my sleep and definitely drinking a lot more water. I am getting very wary of taking and shoving all these pills everyday, 3 times a day. Total is the last day of my injections though.

10 Days Post Embryo Transfer

Day 11 ⭐

Oh the day has finally came! I brought out my “posh” Clearblue stick to test today and it says that I’m between 2-3 weeks pregnant!!!

After two hours wait at the hospital, I got my results! I went into the doctor’s office and they immediately told me that I was pregnant. It was a very okay HCG level of 110 mIU/mL. I’m at exactly 4 weeks today and it seems to be within the acceptable range. I was content. The doctor has asked me to come back in two days to check if the HCG levels are doubling. I didn’t tell her that I had secretly gone to test myself on Day 7.

Clearblue: You’re Pregnant!

Day 13

It doubled!!! More than doubled!!! This result is so much more exciting that Day 11’s. It kind of means that I’m at the end of my IVF journey or at least the rest is now out of my IVF doctor’s hands now. She scheduled an ultrasound for me on the 28th day post transfer but it is in another facility. Apparently the other place has better ultrasound equipment than they do here. I’m so thankful. I really should send my doctor and her nurse some flowers or fruit basket or something!!!

IVF Success!!!

And that’s it guys! I will update more when I get my ultrasound! Best luck to those who are on their IVF journey as well!



Why is it always so difficult for me to follow through with things? This is probably the twentieth time I’ve started and restarted to blog since 2000. It is not that my life hasn’t been eventful, it’s just that I tend to give up as soon as I find this thing that I was going about wasn’t turning out to be exactly as I’ve expected.

Tomorrow will be my implantation day and the last phase of my IVF journey. One step closer to having a baby of own and once I’ve become a mother there will be no giving up.

Knowing myself, I am terrified.

I pray that everything will go successfully and I will have the courage and wisdom to embark onto this new journey, bringing with me no expectations, only curiosity and the ability to appreciate every precious moment along the way.